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Beach & Garden Bungalows

High quality accommodation ON MATIRA BEACH

Those two bungalows are the combination of local know-how and the use of noble materials.
Their rounded shapes give them an atypical and unique hidden.

The Iti bungalow with a capacity of 3 people is ideally located and offers the unique experience of waking up every morning with a beautiful view of the lagoon.

The Nui bungalow has a maximum capacity of 4 people. It has a nice private gazebo and garden where you can have lunch and also relax on transat.

Live a daydream !

Bungalows fully equipped


This bungalow on stilts, located on Matira beach, offers the feeling of floating above the turquoise water of the Bora Bora lagoon. Its small outdoor private corner where is installed 2 transat for relax.

1 ou 2 p / € 151 night
3 pers / € 160 night

Beach side



This bungalow is larger, more spacious and also a view that overlooks our beautiful lagoon. Its particularity is its private and flowery space where you can find a high table with its chairs and 4 transat.

1 ou 2 p / € 151 night
3 pers / € 160 night
4 pers / € 168 night

Garden side